CCTV is now seen as a major preventive measure in the fight to reduce crime. Cameras are linked to monitors to enhance access control and provide on-site security with low manpower costs. Systems range from single camera line feed to multi-site applications with fibre optic and microwave transmission. Pictures can either be viewed or recorded on location or transmitted to remote sites.

Whatever the needs of your business we can provide the best solution through design and installation, providing quality products from the industry leaders of security systems manufacture.


It is common knowledge that a well installed quality fire detection and prevention system can save lives. When fire strikes an automatic fire detection system provides the earliest and best possible warning for your home or business.

Fire in any environment can cause chaos, leading to unclear instructions but with a clear plan of action in place staff can simply refer to that plan and procedures and work together to ensure that everybody is out of the building in the safest way possible.

A pre-arranged meeting place should be the backbone of your escape plan enabling a simple head-count to ensure that all staff are present and safe.

Fire Alarms
Fire Alarms

intruder alarms

All of our systems are designed to be easy to use, effective, reliable and are manufactured to the highest British Quality Standards. We specialise in the professional design and installation of the latest intruder alarms systems from leading manufacturers.

Offering an extensive range of products for both business and residential sectors the choice is from simple bell-only alarms to more sophisticated remote signalling systems, where premises are monitored 24 / 7 by staff trained to alert keyholders and the local police should a breach of security occur.